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Brandýsek Basement Band


What is your Band's Approach to playing?

1) Our primary focus is to entertain people, especially ourselves !!!

2) We work mostly as a live act with some limited expectations of addressing audiences with pre-recorded material and video. 

3) As song writers we are prepared to touch on most themes. However, we will not write songs with themes based on themes of the occult, religion / god, race / ethnicity, hate / hostility, or outright violence. 

4) Stylistically, our original songs include elements of AoRock&Pop, R&B, soul, southern and west coast blues, blues rock, modern country and gospel. We may “surprise” our audience with different genres to enrich the dynamics of our act but only when the material is sufficiently strong and entertaining. 

5) As musicians we aspire to play the music and songs that we write and, as a consequence, our material must be playable in a live context by the core members of the band. Samples and other pre-recorded material will not be used. An essential part of our act is the dynamic of the performance and consequently this rules out the use of click tracks and other automated musical guidance.

6) Our musical palette includes multiple lead vocals, strong vocal harmonies, trumpet and flugelhorn, keys (piano, electric piano, organ, strings and very occasional synths), electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, percussion and drums.  Occasional guest artists may be used to compliment and augment our live and studio work and to bring additional colours to our musical palette.

7) Some carefully selected cover songs will be used to augment our live performances.

8) Owing to the make-up of our band and our material, we target mostly very large pub venues, clubs and places with suitable sound stages.