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Brandýsek Basement Band


A song inspired by a friend's relationship.


by The Brandýsek Basement Band


I know this guy, he had lots of money

He had a pretty face, and he was always real funny

But he was livin’ alone, and it didn’t suit him well

He found a pretty girl, and now his life was hell.


She’s a gold digger, She’s spent up all his cash

She’s a gold digger, and it was gone real fast

She’s a gold digger, and he just wanted out

He was all out of cash and she was nowhere about.


She’d found a rich old guy, and he was nearly dead

She’d hooked him real good, and then they were wed

He is long dead now, and she’d had taken it all

She’s had an easy life and she was havin’ a ball


She’s a gold digger, A pious girl she ain’t

She’s a gold digger, Never be a saint

She’s a gold digger, she got all her dreams

But she’s all alone and money’s not enough it seems.


She was out one night, all by herself

She met a wonderful guy, and in love she fell

They had a big romance, and she married him at last

But he took her money and got out real fast


He’s a gold digger, he is just like she

He’s a gold digger, she’s no got no money

He’s a gold digger, her looks are now long gone

Sometimes you pay the price for what you’ve done wrong.

Czech Translation

by Elizabeth Gylden